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Frequently Asked Questions


I have a question about my crush. How can I get your advice?

I understand not everyone can afford my fee of $180 USD per hour, that’s why, I offer a free 15 minute consultation to anyone who needs my help. If the session goes beyond 15 minutes, and involves coaching, then I will charge you for the additional time. You can book your free 15 minute consultation by click below:

I have a difficult time attracting women. What do you advise me to do?
If your problem has persisted over time, I would recommend my virtual wing-girl service. This package includes 4 sessions with me per month, and, unlimited texting and voice-notes messaging access 24/7 for those who want the VIP access to me. You can find the package information here:

If you would like to only opt for unlimited texting for a month, which is our best-seller, you can book it here:


What's the best way for me to change my life around?

I recommend for everyone, woman or man, young or old, to do my conscious living program. This program is a 30 day challenge which teaches you how to push your limits and make the impossible possible.

Whether you are looking for self-development, business or social solutions, this program will push you to be the best version of yourself.

Contact me directly here to ask about the conscious living program.

Where can I find your E-courses?
Everything I offer, including free giveaways, can be found under the E-Courses page.  You can find it here:

For a look at all our coaching services click below: